Forum software switchover - comments please


I'm considering changing to separate forum software like we used to do. It would be more complete than the Drupal Advanced Forums module we're using now, but we would lose the automatic ability to have new posts listed on the main page of the website. We would get back:

* Being notified via email of new comments in topics that have been posted in
* Attachments and graphics working fully (not just on new posts)

I'd be willing to compile some of the best threads into FAQs or articles - Mike's thread about switching from Mac to Linux, for example.

Please let me know what you think. I don't promise to go with the majority, but I will certainly consider all comments. Thanks.

Would the replacement forum software, work as well at keeping out spam postings?

I block spam through an add-on. Unfortunately, it doesn't work as well as I'd like it to. Right now, I have it set that nobody can post until I add them to a group with posting privileges. In any case, I can do the same with the replacement forum. It would be SMF, what we used to use, and it has a spam plug-in from the same service (Cleantalk).


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I was happier with the old forum options for attachments and other html goodies like emoticons. But I like the format of the present forum - look and feel.

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I'm ambivalent, but I did hate losing all the old postings. If Drupal is lacking, and SMF needed replacement, I can't help but think we need a plan "C"...

It's not that there was anything wrong with SMF originally. It was that it didn't integrate nicely with Drupal and at the time I could not get the old SMF site up and running with the new server with the old postings, so we switched since there was nothing to lose at the time. I don't think anybody but me was unhappy with SMF, and that was only because I thought Drupal integration would be easier and complete. That turned out to not be the case.

I do get your point, though. That's why a suggested picking the most interesting threads with input from members and creating articles or FAQs from them. I could also just "archive" the forums by deactivating posting privileges so they'd essentially be in read-only mode. We could do this after/if we moved to SMF.

I could also look into Drupal 8 and see if the Forums module is better in it than the Advanced Forums module we're using now. It might be though it would probably never be as feature complete as SMF. I could also do research to see if there is another forum platform that *does* integrate with Drupal.


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So... My guess would be that Drupal is the overall solution for the production of our website at large? (I don't know this, if integration with Drupal is so crucial)...

Yes, at present, Drupal does it all. That's not to say we couldn't use both. They don't have to be integrated, that is, I can install both Drupal and SMF, they'll just have slightly different URLs. I had hoped when I setup Drupal that it could do great forums and the website, but that doesn't seem to be the case.


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