Ability to add Attachments to post added


When you post now, you should have the option to add attachments (other than images). File size is currently limited to 8 MB but this is something I can probably fix if need be.

Because this is a Linux group, I have set it to only allow open file formats like LibreOffice/OpenOffice formats. We need to make an effort to move the world away from proprietary formats by not using them. This isn't just a platform issue but also one of preventing any one company from controlling the ability to read our files now and into the future. Many governments in Europe have moved to the open document formats because of this reason.

If you have a Microsoft file you need to share and are worried about mangled formatting by converting to and open format, keep in mind that you can export to PDF which should keep everything looking the same. The zip format is also there in case you have more than a single attachment and want to keep things easy.

Let me know if you have problem with the attachment function, preferably via a message on the contact list. Thanks.

Thanks Jason. Finally, I can upload that text file I used for my presentation on embedded Linux board, without the website messing with it. :-)

Apparently the attachment option only works when you start a new topic, not when you reply or comment on an existing topic. Drupal is confusing. I'll figure it out. In the meanwhile, if you need to attach something, including a picture, create a new topic.

Thanks to Mike for pointing this out.


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