PLUG Website Transfer Complete (maybe)

If you're reading this message, you're now seeing the PLUG website as hosted by our new provider. Yay!

At the time of this post, I only have Drupal running. The page you're looking at was generated by Drupal. But give me some credit - I did install Drupal and write this fancy message. That should count for something. However, I'm hoping by the time you guys actually see this post, I will also have the forums back up and the posts restored. If not, they will be within a day or so.

When the forums are back up, please do me a favour and poke around a bit and make a post or two (you can do that in the testing area even if you don't have anything to say). Check your avatars, signature lines and go into your profile settings and make sure they're okay. Report any problems to me.

I have vague (at the moment) plans to integrate Drupal and the SMF forum software. If anybody has done this, please let me know your experiences, suggestions, etc.