PLUG websites changes: Update

The forum software has been upgraded to SMF 2 and the new antispam package installed. The Babylon theme didn't appear to transfer cleanly so it's been disabled. We'll try and fix this but it's not a high priority. In the meantime, enjoy the new darker default theme. There are two others to choose from (default SMF themes) but if you don't like either, visit and suggest another. We're happy to include other themes.


PLUG website changes - Portal, SMF

We've been trying out a new module for blocking spam. So far, so good, only about 2 out of 1500 spammy signups/comments on the Drupal portal (what you're looking at now) of the site have made it through. Unfortunately, between the time I disabled the old spamblock module (which wasn't very good) and the new, hundreds of spam comments were made to articles. There were a small number of legitimate comments but not being a SQL guru, I didn't know how to separate the wheat from the chaff in an efficient manner. So, I deleted them all. Our apologies to those posters for their lost comments.

Youtube video: 7 Things To Do After Installing Linux Mint 17

linux mint logo

While looking for something completely unrelated, I came across this quick video on Youtube and thought it might be helpful to Linux Mint beginners. I definitely agree on installing VLC, no matter what operating system you use. Here's the link to the video:

Also, for those that didn't notice, the final KDE and XFCE versions of Linux Mint 17 were released.


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