April PLUG Meeting - Two factor Authentication ***CANCELLED***

The PLUG meeting scheduled for tonight has been **CANCELLED* with apologies for the inconvenience. Jason has been fighting water in the ear this weekend and it's particularly bad today.

For anybody that doesn't see this message until after arriving at Applewood, proceed to the Tim Horton's at Monaghan & Lansdowne.

PLUG Meeting - March - A bridge 2fa

It's vitally important for your security that you have unique and complex passwords for the websites and services you access and, for securing your essential online accounts, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Member Jason Wallwork will discuss how using a password manager can help you with having unique and complex passwords as well as reviewing some of the popular paid and free options. Lastly, he will introduce the concept of 2FA and the different types you can use and benefits and drawbacks of each.

Plug Meeting - February - Home networking woes.

To continue the home networking series we'll be showing how a raspberry pi is a terrible choice for a router, and using commodity hardware with an actual network adapter is the key to a secure and stable network. I will be demoing OPNSense rather than PFSense and highlighting the differences between both, as well as showing off what a raspberry pi CAN be used for to help secure your network.

Date: Monday, Feburary 4th 2019 - 7 PM
Location: Applewood Manor
1500 Lansdowne Street West, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.


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